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Kevin Durant elaborates on heated exchange with media

Kevin Durant spoke for the first time about his contentious press conference with the media last Wednesday, during a hit with ESPN’s Get Up on Monday morning.

For those who missed the fireworks, Durant told the media to “grow up” during his postgame session after a 141-102 win on Wednesday. Durant was unhappy with speculation that followed after he didn’t speak to the media for eight days following the Knicks trading of Kristaps Porzingis to clear cap space for this offseason. Many speculated that Durant’s peculiar media silence had something to do with the trade, especially amid reports that the Knicks already have confirmation from Durant’s camp that he will sign there this offseason.

Durant stormed out after three minutes, and told the Bay Area media that he didn’t trust any of them as the reason for why he hadn’t been talking.

Durant explained himself Monday morning.

“As a player, knowing I have to talk to media, if I get an opportunity to talk to media, I want to give the fans my perspective on the game, not about business,” Durant told Mike Greenberg on Get Up.

“I just want (beat writers) to be truthful, especially if they’re going to walk up to me in the locker room after games then go behind my back and write stuff like that. At least come talk to me. It was good to get that off my chest.”

For what it’s worth, Durant spoke with the media following the Warriors’ win over the Suns on Friday, and seemed to be in relatively good spirits.


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