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Cameras catch Zach Collins with some choice words for Klay Thompson

The typically mild-mannered Klay Thompson got into it with Blazers center Zach Collins during the fourth quarter of the Warriors loss to Portland on Wednesday.

The verbal sparing match was triggered after Thompson was called for an offensive foul on Collins while driving to the basket. As both players walked to the other end of the court, Thompson appeared to say something while the Blazers center tried to hype up the crowd. That’s when Collins got in Thompson’s face and had some, uh, choice words for Klay. The two continued to trade barbs before being issued double-technical fouls.

Collins continued his trash talk well into the fourth quarter, much to the apparent delight of Draymond Green.

Green was also issued a technical foul later in the game, as was Steve Kerr, who was ejected after a clipboard throwing tirade provoked by a questionable flagrant foul call on Green.

The Warriors enter the All-Star break with the best record in the Western Conference (41-16), and resume play hosting the Kings on February 21.


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