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Curry family goes crazy after Sonya hits underhand half-court shot

You know about the Splash Brothers, but what about the Splash Mother?

The entire Curry family is in attendance in their hometown of Charlotte for NBA All-Star weekend. Both Steph and Seth Curry will be competing in the 3-point contest on Saturday, but it’s was their mom who improbably stole the show on Friday morning.

Competing in what appeared to be some variation of the shooting stars challenge, Sonya Curry ended the competition by hitting an underhand half-court shot that sent the entire family, and all in attendance, into a frenzy. Steph, who was rebounding shots from both his mom and dad — former NBA sharp shooter Dell Curry — reacted as Sonya did by sprinting around the court when the ball went in.

Rumors are that Dell will make a cameo appearance during the 3-point contest on Saturday. Maybe now Sonya will join him after Friday’s showing…


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