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Tolbert’s Beer Review: Fieldwork Brewing Company C + C Mosaic Factory DIPA

This week Tom formally invites Gary Radnich to the beer review, rocks a legendary shirt, and karaokes some C & C Music Factory.

Tom’s Lucky Lager shirt reminded him of his dear friend and coworker, Gary Radnich. Tom was also reminded that Gary might be out of the loop on the current and eclectic beer scene.

“Gary may know more about beer than I do, he was dropping beers like Schlitz, Budweiser, and Lucky Lager. Gary I don’t think Schlitz has been around for like 20 years, I’m pretty sure,” Tom said.

However, Fieldwork Brewing Company might just have the remedy for someone stuck in the proverbial beer-past. C + C Mosaic Factory DIPA will have everyone, including Gary, dancing.

From Fieldwork:

In this week’s episode of “What’s In Our Glasses” we bring you hop inspired early 90’s European dance rap fitness pop puns and the Double IPA’s named after them. C+C Mosaic Factory is just that beer; a juicy cannon of Mosaic hops and floor-malted English barley that sticks to the inside of your glass while making the outside of it sweat sweat. Those Mosaic hops flex hard like they’re shirtless in a leather vest kicking up flavors of melon, grapefruit, lime zest, peach juice, and a slight background note of a freshly rolled spliff. Its mouthfeel is full with a hint of malty sweetness and is balanced out with a mild bitterness that makes this 8.6% Double IPA shockingly drinkable and most definitely enjoyable

Tom’s only gripe is that it’s an 8-percenter and it doesn’t taste like one. That’s a deadly combo for a great beer.

For your convenience here’s the song that we have now put in your head:

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