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Steph Curry wins bet over Seth, finishes second in 3-point contest

Steph led all competitors in the first round

It wasn’t Stephen Curry’s night, but he came close to winning another 3-point contest trophy. Out of the 10 3-point contest competitors who were introduced, Curry came last, even after Charlotte’s home town point guard, Kemba Walker.

Before the contest kicked off, the Curry trio of Steph, Dell and Seth all came out to half court, where Dell was asked if he was leaning one way or the other.

“I’m definitely leaning one way,” Dell Curry said. “He’s already won one, he’s got all the awards. Let’s try to get the young fella on the board.”

Right after that, Dell Curry said he would take some 3-point shots, at the behest of reporter Allie LaForce, and the Charlotte crowd, where he made his name. The Curry patriarch requested both of his sons donate $1,000 each for each shot he made for school supplies to local Charlotte schools. Then, he brought out some old friends: Ray Allen, Mark Price and Glen Rice.

Before the actual contest kicked off, Steph Curry made a bet between him and Seth that the loser of the competition would have to pay for the family’s game tickets for the rest of their careers. That bet was settled quickly, after Steph made the last 10 shots in the first round, and Seth was knocked out.

In the final round between Steph Curry, Buddy Hield it came down to the final shot between Curry and Harris, who had 26 points. Curry needed to hit all five of his money ball shots (worth two points each) in the final rack, but missed one of them, leaving Harris the winner. Harris, who had an understated reaction, was humble about his victory:


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