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Andre Iguodala says Curry ‘second-best point guard ever’

After tonight’s game Andre Iguodala crowned Steph Curry the “second-best point guard ever,” while also adding that he believes Curry is underrated and that he and Kevin Durant have a Michael Jordan-like green light, in that no shot they take is truly bad.

According to Anthony Slater, Iguodala said the best point guard of all time is Magic Johnson.

After Iguodala praised Curry and Durant, Curry was asked about Iguodala’s take, and said Iguodala texts him “every day” that he’s the second-best point guard of all time. “I’ve got some work to do to get to number one apparently,” Curry said.

Draymond Green was also asked about Iguodala’s take and gave a long, thoughtful pause before discussing how Curry and Johnson are better than each other in different ways. When asked whether he thought Curry is on his way to taking the top spot, Green said, “I think so.”

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