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Klay Thompson calls out Oracle Arena crowd for lack of energy

OAKLAND — It may be impossible for Klay Thompson to rant about anything. But his postgame comments about the lack of energy in Oracle Arena may be the closest thing.

One game after a statement win over the Nuggets, the Warriors lost to the visiting Suns, 115-111, in what Thompson called Golden State’s worst loss of the season. The Suns, at 16-52, have the second-worst record in the NBA. The Warriors had beaten them 18 straight times before Sunday.

After the game, Thompson, unprompted, lamented the lack of crowd activity.

“I expect our crowd to be a little more into it, too,” Thompson said. “I know it’s not the playoffs, but it’s our last go-around at Oracle. At least you can stand up when someone makes a good play, especially in the beginning when we need that energy, especially this time of year.

“It’s hard to conjure up energy every single night because you are looking forward to the playoffs and that run. So, we expect our fans to kind of bring that jump. It’s like us, though, you can’t bring it every night. It helps when, it doesn’t matter if we are playing the Suns, or Bucks, whoever it is. We need the energy from them because we feed off that.”


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