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Steve Kerr responds to video of him purportedly criticizing Draymond

As if Sunday’s home loss to the lowly Suns wasn’t bad enough, a clip of Steve Kerr seemingly criticizing Draymond Green to assistant coach Mike Brown went viral after the game.

You be the judge.

According to a report by Anthony Slater, Kerr tried to talk to Draymond about the clip after it came to his attention postgame, but the forward had already left the locker room. Kerr declined to comment — or not comment — until this afternoon.

“That’s private,” Kerr said when asked if he’d discussed the incident with Draymond.

Kerr was then asked if what he appeared to say was accurate, and he deflected with a joke.

“No. The lip readers were wrong,” Kerr said with a wry smile. “What I said was, ‘I beg to differ with Draymond’s approach tonight.’ Those were my exact words. I don’t know how somebody misconstrued that.”

Kerr then made a larger point about life in 2019.

“George Orwell was right, he just had the year wrong. He wrote 1984, the title should’ve been 2012. That’s modern life. Everything’s recorded, everything’s filmed. I’ve decided I’m going to get a giant laminated board with all my play calls and I’m going to turn into an NFL coach from here on out.

“It’s a different world. So you’ve got to figure out how to survive and thrive in the modern way of life. One way of doing it is not concerning yourself with stuff that doesn’t really matter.”


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