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Matt Barrows breaks down 49ers’ signing of pass rusher Dee Ford

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Tuesday was one of the craziest offseason days in NFL history. Just minutes after the Browns shocked the football world with a blockbuster trade for New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr., the Niners followed up with a huge move of their own.

By trading for premiere pass-rusher Dee Ford, the 49ers finally address a position that has been a glaring hole for years. 49ers beat writer Matt Barrows of The Athletic joined Murph & Mac Wednesday morning to discuss the move and what impact Ford will bring to the 49ers defense.

“He is a pass rusher, that’s what he does better than anyone else,” Barrows said. “Thats what the 49ers needed, I think he’ll play that LEO spot. I see him as that guy, that guy that’s going up against the opposition’s left tackle and basically harassing the opposing quarterback all game. Thats what this guy does best, and thats what the 49ers need.”

The trade with Kansas City had the Niners giving up their second-round pick in next year’s draft, along with giving Ford a new five-year, $87.5 million deal. After giving up a high draft pick as well as allocating a lot of money to Ford, some may question if this was a good move for the team.

“You have to put it in the win column (for John Lynch). This move is hedged by the fact he’s had back issues in college and the pros, that scares you a little bit”, Barrows said.

Not only has Ford struggled with injuries, but he also was a late-bloomer in terms of production for Kansas City.

“In Kansas City, he was their Solomon Thomas for the first couple of years, that first round pick that never lived up to that status. He certainly did last season with the thirteen sacks and the seven forced fumbles, which I think is a big deal going to a 49ers defense that could not get takeaways. I don’t want to use the ‘B-word’ (bust) but fans in Kansas City were not happy with Dee Ford until last season where he played really well. I don’t think Chiefs fans are really broken up to see him go.”

The addition of Ford is a huge move for the Niners. Finally addressing a position in which they’ve struggled to get production out of for years, the team is in a prime position to double down at pass-rusher. They have the potential to form one of the leagues most formidable pass-rushing attacks with potentially drafting another premiere edge-defender if they can land Ohio State’s Nick Bosa at number two overall.

“You’ve got some depth and it raises questions of who would play where. I think the 49ers would love it if Bosa is there at two, and would definitely take him if he was there. Bringing in Dee Ford gives you some options you might not have had if Bosa was taken at one and he’s no longer there. ”

For now, the Niners will continue to address other positions in free agency before the draft on April 25th.

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