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Green on Rockets trash talk: ‘I’m not sure stupidity juices up anyone’

The Warriors put together arguably their most impressive win of the season on Wednesday night, beating the red hot Rockets, in Houston, without Kevin Durant. The win came after a disastrous loss to the Suns at home on Sunday, that also included a KD injury, an unfortunate lip-reading video, and Klay Thompson calling out the Oracle crowd.

The win also followed a lead up that included some pointed comments from the Rockets. Clint Capela, who hasn’t been shy about talking Warriors-related trash talk in the past, gave the juiciest quote, implying that the Warriors weren’t on the Rockets’ level after losing to them three times this season.

After the game, Draymond Green was asked if the comments added any fuel to the fire for the Warriors. Green laughed off the notion, before calling the quotes stupid.

“Somebody sent (the quotes) to me,” Green said. “It is what it is. I guess they should be confident. If they’re not confident who’s going to be confident for them, so they should be confident.”

Does that juice him up?

“Hell no. For what? We don’t need to be juiced up from them talking. We beat them, so we don’t need to get juiced when they say we’re not on their level. That’s dumb, doesn’t make sense. I’m not sure stupidity juices anyone. It’s just like ‘Oh that’s dumb.'”


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