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Baggarly on Sandoval: ‘I’m not very optimistic he’s going to make the team’

On Monday, San Francisco Giants reporter Andrew Baggarly appeared on Murph & Mac to talk about the revolving door that is the Giants roster, as well as shared a discussion he had with Buster Posey about the morale of the ballclub.

As of late, there has been a lot of speculation regarding the future of fan-favorite Pablo Sandoval, and what his role with the club, if any, will be when spring training comes to an end.

“It’s going to be tough, especially if they carry (Connor) Joe, the Rule 5 pick,” Baggarly said. “He can back up at third base and first base, and can hit right handed, because Pablo’s right-handed at-bats are sort of what would be a feather in his cap the way he’s swung the bat this spring. Joe is a Rule 5 pick and they’ll lose him if they don’t keep him, and they just acquired him, so obviously they have intentions to keep him or that would seem to be the case.

“I can’t make a good case for Pablo. I really can’t. I’m not very optimistic he’s going to make the team. Personally do I think he should be on the team? Absolutely. I think this is going to be a clubhouse that needs enthusiasm and energy on a regular basis, and he brings it every day.”

Baggarly went on to talk with the boys about a recent conversation he had with Buster Posey, talking about the mental state of the club last season, and looking forward to 2019.

“He feels better about the state of the team and where the team was at mentally,” Baggarly said of Posey. “I don’t think they quit on each other last year when they couldn’t win a series, but I do think they disengaged. Especially in Buster’s case when you’re not feeling good physically and you’re going out trying to do your best, and you know it’s probably not going matter at the end of the month because the team’s going in the wrong direction, it’s tough to not be as engaged as you normally would be and have the same enthusiasm… All of that really seems to be better this spring.”

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