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DeMarcus Cousins believes one Warriors player could do stand-up comedy

© Stephen R. Sylvanie | 2015 Aug 11

DeMarcus Cousins hopped on KNBR 680 Thursday afternoon for a wide-ranging conversation with Bob Fitzgerald. The most interesting tidbit had nothing to do with basketball, however, but rather Cousins affinity for stand-up comedy.

On Thursday night, Cousins is hosting the third annual “Boogie’s Comedy Slam” at the Paramount Theater in Oakland.

“Just being a kid I grew up in a household where we watched a lot of ComicView. It’s just something I’ve always enjoyed, and that’s where I believe it started for me,” Cousins said. “From there, the whole idea came from the Shaq comedy specials.

“I was like why not create my own. His kind of ended, so it left that gap to create a whole new way for it, so I took the chance. I started off two-three years ago, had my first one in Sacramento, and each year kind of grew. We’re finally taking it into production this year and hopefully it’s a huge success. This is kind of like my little project, my little baby and we’ll see how it goes.”

Cousins said his favorite standup growing up was Martin Lawrence. He also believes there’s one player on the Warriors who might be able to do a short set.

“I think Andre Iguodala could get up there and do it. We’ve actually been talking about it. He claims he has some material written down, but you know Andre loves to just talk. I think he could go on stage and give a good five minutes.”

Listen to the full interview below. To hear Boogie on standup, start from 10:00.


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