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Giants’ ball dude makes iconic run to recover foul ball

SAN FRANCISCO –– Forget the game! The real show tonight is Don the ball guy playing down the right field line in tonight’s game against the Colorado Rockies.

It is every fan’s dream to snag foul ball during the game down the baseline, and as much as Don is enjoying his night out at the ballpark, fans are loving his presence on the field tonight even more, as he is quickly becoming one of the most popular ball guys of all time.

Don’s effort wasn’t wasted, as after he made the play, a lucky young fan was gifted a game ball and went home happy.

A father of five and grandfather of 10, Don, believe it or not, was a ballboy and trainer for the San Francisco Seals from 1948-1955, so if he shows off any more of the leather, you’ll know why.

Hats off to you, Don!


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