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Bumgarner told Bochy he could throw 140 pitches on Saturday

SAN FRANCISCO – Madison Bumgarner and the San Francisco Giants clinched a series victory over the Colorado Rockies Saturday afternoon. After his teammates played an 18-inning game just 12 hours prior, Bumgarner knew he had to give Bruce Bochy a solid outing with a worn-out bullpen.

“Yeah he came up, and again he knew what we were looking at,” Bochy said of his ace. “He said ‘Hey, I’ve had a couple of days off, I’m going to get extra rest, I’m good for 140 (pitches).’ That wasn’t going to happen, but he was just sending a message.”

Bumgarner made his case for a little bit extra rope on Saturday, but Bochy wasn’t exactly on-board.

Bumgarner clearly wanted to go deep in this game to help his manager and the bullpen. Following Saturday’s game, Bumgarner talked about what his ideal start would have been.

“Eight was the minimum for a day like today”, Bumgarner said. “Obviously, I was close to it, but I got to find a way to get through that part of the lineup. I know they’re good hitters, but I have to make pitches behind 2-0. So yeah, not what I intended on going out there and doing.”

Despite Bumgarner not making it through eight innings, the Giants won with ease against a struggling Rockies lineup.

“Regardless of anything else, you gotta take care of the bullpen and (in my mind) get through eight. I didn’t but it worked out for us, we won the game.”

“Bum knew what we were looking at as far as the bullpen”, Bochy said. “He gave us a great effort there, he got us where we needed to, starting the eighth. I wasn’t going to let him go too far there, because we had Moronta ready and Dyson, they were good to go.”

Bochy was asked about who in the bullpen was available following the marathon, 18-inning game the night prior. Derek Holland was available to throw if needed, but only two relievers were available to pitch.


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