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Marcus Thompson says Beverley is ‘guy who’s not that good thinking he’s really good’

The morning after the Golden State Warriors left the door open for the largest comeback in NBA playoff history in Game 2 against the Los Angeles Clippers, Warriors writer Marcus Thompson appeared on Murph and Mac to discuss what exactly transpired Monday night, as well as how Rockets guard Patrick Beverley is affecting the series.

Despite his size, Beverley has seemingly gotten under the skin of the Warriors in a way he hasn’t in previous years. Thompson says, frankly, that Beverley’s success is shocking to him.

“I’m going to be honest here, they’ve got a guy who’s not that good thinking he’s really good,” Thompson said laughing. “The bottom line is, it shouldn’t be like this, and that’s a lot of credit to Beverley and his heart and acumen, him knowing exactly who he is, and knowing how to apply his craft. The Warriors are totally complicit in giving him life. Beverley is not even as good as he used to be two years ago.

“He’s never bothered the Warriors like this,” Thompson went on, “and he’s certainly never done this to Steph Curry. In all his years of trying to get under people’s skin, for some reason it’s working right now… It’s actually pretty incredible when you think about it. Beverley said, ‘I’m going to take away KD,’ and it worked in Game 2. This is a symbol of how the Warriors are just allowing the Clippers to control the series.”

Thompson was asked how he thinks Monday’s loss will affect the rest of the season. While he isn’t necessarily concerned about the Clippers, Thompson is worried about the form of the team going deeper into the playoffs, especially without the help of DeMarcus Cousins, who has reportedly suffered a torn left quad.

“I think they’ll win the series, especially now,” Thompson said. “In the end, it might just cost them some embarrassment and three days of rest, but man, this is not good. It’s not a good sign for what’s to come. They’ve got some tougher foes than the Clippers, and if they can blow a 31-point lead, I think anything is on the table.”

Thompson went on to note one issue in particular that seems to be plaguing the defending champs.

“In these two games,” Thompson said, “it’s clear that turnovers have been a problem. It’s clear the way they handle the ball feeds the Clippers, and it starts with the ‘let me see if I can thread the needle on this 75-foot’ pass. It’s that type of stuff… For me, it was just indicative of their mindset, and if they don’t get it, it just gives the Clippers life. That’s all they do is just give them hope.”

Hopefully for Dub Nation, the Warriors can tighten up and bounce back in Los Angeles Thursday night.

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