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49ers target Nick Bosa says he will keep opinions to himself [report]

The 2019 NFL Draft is fast approaching. Projected top two pick Nick Bosa, while participating at NFL charity event “Huddle Against Hunger” answered questions about how excited he was for the draft, and addressed some of the concerns some have about his Twitter account.

According to an article written by 49ers reporter Matt Maiocco, Bosa is reportedly not worried about what people think of him heading into the draft.

“I’m just getting ready for the draft,” Bosa said of his mental preparation. “I’m not really worried about Twitter any more… I think the people who know me, know who I am. And I’m going to keep my opinions to myself from now on.”

In an interview with USA Today Sports, Bosa went on to address about the controversy over his deleted tweets.

“Whenever you go into this process, your agents kind of scrub your twitter,” Bosa said. “It’s not like I told them to take anything down. They just went in and cleaned out anything that would cause controversy. I don’t know why anybody would take that any certain way. I don’t know why people care about that so much, but I’m just getting ready for tomorrow. I’m excited.”

The collegiate stud, who played in only three games last season due to a core injury, also talked about how excited he is for the draft, and whether or not he thinks his injury will affect his draft stock.

“I’m getting pretty busy right now, so I’m not able to think about it quite as much,” Bosa said of the draft process. “It’s awesome. It’s what I’ve been working for since I was seven years old. I think it’ll really hit me tomorrow. I’m just really excited to find out where the next journey is.

“I don’t think I’ll be waiting too long. We’ll see. The draft is pretty unpredictable.”

For now, the 49er Faithful holds their breath in anticipation as they await Thursday’s second overall selection.



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