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Chris Paul has back-and-forth with reporter when asked if he made contact with official

OAKLAND — With the outcome already decided, Rockets point guard Chris Paul received a second technical foul, and was ejected from Sunday’s Game 1, after appearing to make contact with an official while attempting to lobby for a foul call.

The tech came at the end of a wild, game-deciding sequence. James Harden missed what would’ve been a game-tying 3-pointer with 10 seconds remaining. Paul corralled the rebound, but turned the ball over while attempting a pass to Eric Gordon. Paul appeared to be upset that Klay Thompson wasn’t called for a foul.

After the game, Paul was asked about whether or not he made contact with the official. The question led to an interesting back-and-forth.

REPORTER: “Chris, what happened with the official there at the end? Looked like there might have been some contact, not sure if that was inadvertent.”

PAUL: “I don’t know yet. Ain’t nobody told me. He just called a tech and I knew that was my second.”

REPORTER: “Was there contact?”

PAUL: “I haven’t looked at it yet. Did you? You did? So you tell me.”

REPORTER: “I wasn’t the one who was involved in the contact.”

PAUL: “You asked me if there was?”

REPORTER: “It appeared there was contact, but from your perspective what happened there?”

PAUL: “I haven’t seen it yet.”

If the NBA does determine that Paul did in fact make contact with an official, he will likely be fined.


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