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Maiocco on Shanahan and Lynch “feud”: ‘I haven’t heard anything along those lines’

On Wednesday, 49ers insider Matt Maiocco appeared on Murph & Mac to talk about the reported “feud” taking place within the San Francisco front office between head coach Kyle Shanahan and GM John Lynch, and whether or not he thinks there is any validity to the reports.

Maiocco says he was surprised when the reports of malcontent within the building surfaced.

“When I saw that, it was kind of surprising,” Maiocco said. “When you’re around these guys, you certainly don’t pick up on anything. Over the weekend, they appeared together three times at press conferences after each day of the draft. About a month earlier, they were pretty much inseparable at the NFL owners meetings in Arizona, having some adult beverages and hanging out at a table with their wives.”

While the previous 49ers drafts have been less than perfect in regards to evaluating talent, Maiocco doesn’t think that means there is an issue between Lynch and Shanahan.

“Now, you can look at the two previous drafts and see where there were mistakes made,” Maiocco said. “I know John Lynch liked Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster, and I never got the sense that Kyle Shanahan was not on board with those two, but clearly those two first round draft picks… are not going to work out.

“Have there been missteps along the way? There sure have been, but have they been at odds over those? I don’t know; I haven’t heard anything along those lines.”

In the case of coach Shanahan, Maiocco says he is not the type to not address any sort of issue head on.

“(Shanahan) is very direct. If he doesn’t like something, he will tell you. I don’t think there’s any fiber in Kyle Shanahan’s person that will let something fester, so I just have a difficult time believing that there’s something there festering that hasn’t already been dealt with.

“It caught a lot of people off guard, so when I reached out to Kyle about this, he replied – rather succinctly –  ‘complete bull—-.’

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