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Durant to Draymond after Game 2: ‘Finals? They don’t want to go there’

Kevin Durant’s thoughts on the Portland Trail Blazers are abundantly clear. After the Warriors secured a comeback victory after trailing at one time by 17 points, Durant was waiting in the tunnel for his teammates, fully hyped. As Draymond Green entered the tunnel, Durant yelled, “Finals? They don’t want to go there. They ain’t trying to go there,” before congratulating Green and Jordan Bell.

This came after a spat in the offseason between Durant and CJ McCollum, starting with a podcast in which he eviscerated the Blazers and their title chances.

Before this season, Durant was a guest on the now-infamous podcast hosted by McCollum, saying, “You know you guys aren’t going to win a championship.”

McCollum responded, “Bro, we have the team, we can win a championship,” to which Durant laughed in response and said, “Come on, let’s be honest. I like y’all two. You’re hard to stop. But come on.”

McCollum was trying to court DeMarcus Cousins to the Portland Trail Blazers and said he was upset at Cousins for choosing the Warriors over Portland.

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