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Kevin Pillar makes diving catch and throw to secure double play

Superman, as they call him, is at it again. If there’s one thing Kevin Pillar is good for, it’s making mind-boggingly great catches. That adage held true today. In the first inning, as the Giants trailed the Diamondbacks 1-0 in the first inning (yet again), Andy Suarez was in serious danger of letting the inning get completely away from him.

With Ildemero Vargas on third thanks to an infield single (on questionable fielding by Pablo Sandoval) and Adam Jones at first, Kevin Cron ripped a shot into right-center field that would have dropped for an inning-extending hit (and his first MLB hit) with the potential to carry into Triples Alley. Luckily for Suarez and the Giants, Pillar got a fantastic jump on the ball and laid out to make the catch.

Jones was caught easily at first base, and at first glance, it seemed Pillar had saved the run of Vargas tagging at third base. But after a challenge by the Diamondbacks, it was clear Vargas had scored before the second out was secured. The call was overturned, giving Arizona a 2-0 lead.

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