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Mike Yastrzemski gets first career hit, is thrown out seconds later

The Giants are almost a comedy show right now. Even when something goes right, something equally bad or worse seems to happens immediately. That was the case Sunday afternoon, when Mike Yastrzemski, in his second major league game, hit a blooping ball to left field.

Just before the contact, Mike Krukow said that of Yastrzemski’s family and friends, “They’re gonna erupt,” if he secured a hit. And moments later, that came true. That blooping ball dropped and Yastrzemski rounded first… a bit too aggressively. The ball popped right up for Arizona Diamondbacks right fielder Blake Swihart, and he came up gunning with a perfect ball to first base, catching Yastrzemski off the bag.

The most entertaining part of the whole ordeal was the commentary by Duane Kuiper and Krukow coupled with the reactions of Yastrzemski’s family and especially his wife, Paige Cahill Yastrzemski. She went from cheering to yelling at him to get back to the base to cringing in a mix of happiness and disappointment.

It was punctuated by Kuiper yelling, “This could be it, this could be it,” then realizing the situation that Yastrzemski was in and pivoting to yell, “Heads up kid, get back!”

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