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Draymond, Drake met for dinner in Toronto

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At the end of Game 1 of the NBA Finals, with the Warriors heading back to the locker room following a 118-109 loss, Draymond Green and Toronto rapper Drake (Aubrey Graham) were seen exchanging words with one another.

After the game, Green was asked about the interaction and downplayed it, saying people made too much of it because of who Drake is.

“I think so many people make a big deal out of it. It is what it is,” Green said. “He’s a fan. He talks, and it gets more attention because he’s Drake. So many people are complaining about it, like, ‘You don’t let any other fan do that.’ Yeah, any other fan is just not Drake, so they probably shouldn’t be able to do that. That’s just kind of how the cookie crumbles.”

Drake, meanwhile, posted on Instagram a photo joking that he was selling Stephen Curry’s hair lint, while poking fun at Green. On Friday, Green posted a video to his Instagram story of him wearing an Drake-related sweatshirt while laughing and riding a bike around Toronto:

According to Logan Murdock, Green and Drake, along with Alfonzo McKinnie and others, met at the Cactus Club Cafe for dinner on Friday night, just down the street from the Raptors’ home in Scotiabank Arena, leaving around 8 p.m.

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