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Murph: If Bumgarner is traded at the deadline, I understand

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We have favorite sound drops on the ‘Murph and Mac Show’, and one of them is a simple, two-word drop from Joe Rogan after a UFC fight:

“I understand.”

Now, nevermind that Rogan said that when fighter Derrick Lewis dropped his shorts after a fight. Rogan asked him why. Lewis said, “my balls was hot.”

Rogan then said, placidly and profoundly: “I understand.”

It’s become a two-word mantra of sorts for us, a life philosophy almost. The Warriors are going to lose Kevin Durant to Brooklyn? “I understand.” The Giants had one of the worst offenses in baseball history in the first two months? “I understand.”

It took me an hour and 27 minutes to get from Lot A to the Bay Bridge Wednesday?

Now, THAT I do *not* understand.

Back to the discussion point, which is: Should the Giants trade Madison Bumgarner?

Of course, nobody wants to see this happen. Trading one of the great characters in Bay Area sports history — post-season record holder; snot rocket creator; surly, feisty fight-seeker — would be a blow to the culture of the Bay Area sports scene.

Plus, the Giants’ 17-4 stretch through the last 21 games has injected life back into the fan base. Going to the ballpark now actually has meaning beyond moaning about beer prices.

But if Farhan Zaidi decides to pull the biggest Giants trade since Brian (I Am Not an Idiot) Sabean traded Matt Williams in 1996, I have two words for him:

I understand.

The July hot streak has been a blast, for sure, as I was just saying to the guy next to me chanting “DICK, DICK, DICK.” And as I noted in last week’s Jock Blog, far stranger things have happened in baseball than the 2019 Giants making a legitimate post-season push.

And mind, write this down: I do not WANT the Giants to trade Bumgarner. In my world, Bumgarner stays in black and orange forever, no one ever ages and everyone has an endless supply of Red Vines. Don’t you like my world?

But all through April, May and most of June, I have understood the need for a Bumgarner — and, while we’re at it, Will Smith — trade. It’s about 2020 and beyond. It’s about finally fleshing out a depleted farm system, and laying the foundation for the Joey Bart Era.

That need has not gone away, even with every Yastrzemski walk-off and Steven Vogt ‘Technical Foul’ tribute.

Yes, the July fireworks have been a blast. I hope they continue and we can live in my endless-Red-Vines world.

It’s just that “I understand” real life has to intrude sometimes. It’s just that “I understand” if the right deal comes along to make the Giants younger and deeper, Farhan might take it. It’s just that “I understand” that Babe Ruth was traded; Willie Mays was traded; Jackie Robinson was traded. Each was for a different reason, but the wheel of baseball life turns.

So, Farhan, what I’m saying is — I don’t want it to happen, because of sentiment and magic and Game 7 in 2014 and “Fire on the Mountain” and all that. But if it does happen…

I understand.


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