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Mike Silver explains why 49ers could bench Garoppolo ‘earlier than some people might imagine’

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Jimmy Garoppolo shouldn’t feel all that secure in his starting job, according to NFL Network’s Mike Silver. Garoppolo was 18-for-27 on Sunday in a Week 1 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with 166 yards, throwing 1 TD, 1 pick-six and rarely executing successful throws down the field (though he had two touchdowns to George Kittle called back for penalties) for an 80.3 passer rating.

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Silver’s case is not an outrageous one; Nick Mullens impressed last season, looked even better this preseason, and has displayed intelligence in understanding the offense, going through his progressions and making quick decisions, while Garoppolo has made a number of mental mistakes thus far.

“Rough moments in the preseason, he’s coming back from the knee injury,” Silver said of Garoppolo. “Guys, keep an eye on this. Nick Mullens is Kyle Shanahan’s type of quarterback. He is almost a savant when it comes to understanding the offense. He really, really executes it in a way that Kyle Shanahan likes. If Jimmy Garoppolo struggles or continues to struggle and they’re either losing or he’s not playing well or both, I don’t think it’s that far-fetched that they could make a quarterback switch earlier than some people might imagine.”


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