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Welcome to the brand new KNBR Tonight shows with Drew Hoffar & Kevin Frandsen (7pm-10pm) and Ryan Covay (10pm-1am). The boys are here to help you get home and relax, talking sports, pop culture and more sports.

Drew Hoffar: 7pm-10pm

You haven’t heard soothing pipes until you hear the booming voice of Drew Hoffar. Drew brings his love and knowledge of all Bay Area sports teams as he drives the opening portion of KNBR Tonight with amped up sports analysis and a opinions about all the Bay Area’s best athletes.

Kevin Frandsen: 7pm-10pm

Joining Drew is former San Francisco Giant Kevin Frandsen. Franny is a sports junkie, plain and simple. If you want an inside look at the mind of a professional athlete with the passion of the craziest sports fan you know, you definitely want to tune in to hear this baseball-loving, college football maniac every evening you can.

Ryan Covay: 10pm-1am

A Bay Area guy born and raised Ryan’s passion is to entertain the incredible fan bases that populate Northern California. His mission and the mission of his show is to have fun and tell the truth. They’ll mesh sports talk with pop culture and music. And most importantly, KNBR Tonight will always be like talking sports with your closest friends!