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The Shower Hour with P-Con


Wake up. Hit the lavatory. Listen to ‘The Shower Hour with Patrick Connor.’ Repeat. A simple formula for starting your day from a simple man.

Patrick Connor has few loves in life but he loves them hard: peanut butter, cold beer, California topography, sports & sports talk radio. An Auburn University graduate, Ol’ P-Con has been busting his sexy butt at KNBR since 2003 and is truly a testament to the power of resilience, hard work and the value of a farm system.

Enjoy ‘The Shower Hour with Patrick Connor’ every week Monday through Friday from 5-6 am. You are also encouraged to check out Pat on Giants home weekends from The Public House with Marty “The Party” Lurie, as well as Saturdays in the fall on The Sports Saloon. Slainte!