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The Sports Saloon


Sit back, pop open a cold one and join KNBR’s Patrick Connor & The WOD Squad every Saturday in The Sports Saloon! The Sports Saloon will examine & evaluate the weekend’s biggest & baddest football contests… from the buildup to the payoff on the gridiron. College. Pro. A football show for football fans by football fanatics.

The WOD Squad:

Tony Fidoni is the Ultimate Meatball. Besides being the third-best guitarist from Long Island, Fidoni handles the phones on The Sports Saloon!

Ryan Covay does the sports updates, gives balanced analysis and brings an irrepressible energy for his job every time the Saloon doors open.

The Sports Saloon’s board op and resident nerd, Jon Wilson runs the show like Mr. Sulu runs the Enterprise, and (in his words) ‘yes, we boldly go where no radio show has gone before.’