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▶︎ When Durant first met Curry, he thought Steph was white


The next few days will be littered with speculation about whether Kevin Durant will leave Oklahoma City to come play for the Warriors. Free agency begins July 1, and Durant has reportedly scheduled five meetings, including one with Golden State.

Reporters and fans are scouring the internet, trying to come up with clues that could tip off which way Durant is leaning. One of those hints reemerged on Tuesday.

Back in 2014, Durant sat down with Steph Curry, James Harden and Anthony Davis, as part of a NBA 2K promotion. Emcee Ernie Johnson asked the guys if they remember meeting each other before the NBA. Durant told an outstanding story about originally meeting Curry.

“I was about 10 years old and our AAU team drove down to Charlotte. I thought he was white (laughter). But he was this yellow kid, right? Let’s be real now, right? Where I come from we don’t see the light-skinned guys, it’s all guys like me (points to his face).

“I walk into the gym, and this guy steps across half court and pulls the jump shot. And I was like, ‘He’s not making this.’ Splash. Splash. So when we played him, he had like 35 points and he was like 10 years old. And I was like, ‘Who is this?’ And 10 years later, ‘Oh, that was Steph Curry.’ It’s crazy how you cross paths with these guys. You are kids and you just don’t know, you’re just playing the game. And then once you (motions making a big step), it’s like, wow, it’s pretty cool to see him at that age.”

Hat tip to Sam Esfandiari for unearthing this gem.


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