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Klay Thompson: ‘There’s one ball, guess what we’ll do? We’ll put it in the hoop’


Klay Thompson gave one of his most candid interviews ever Wednesday on KNBR with Tom Tolbert and John Lund.

“Enjoying some chicken strips, watching some MLS soccer and talking to you guys,” is how Thompson opened up the segment, later adding, “Ranch dressing is the Draymond Green of sauces.”

Tolbert began teasing Thompson that he was going to spray paint his name on Klay’s property, poking fun at one of Klay’s love interests, Cherise Sandra on Instagram. TMZ and other outlets ran with the story of the girl, who Klay denies he’s dating.

“If you tag something it has to be of artistic value, it can’t just be your name,” Thompson said as the hosts laughed. “If you google my name, it’s probably not pretty right now.”

What about Kevin Durant? How is the relationship blossoming?

“I mean KD thinks I’m a little flimsy sometimes,” Thompson said. “I mean Bob’s the same way. Kirk and Joe, they’re probably like Klay’s so hard to get a hold of. What’s he doing? He’s a mystery. But yeah, I thought I was pretty funny. I don’t have any jokes for KD yet, but I’ll think of something good. I can be like,’ Yo man (your movie) Thunderstruck sucked dude!

“The best part about KD is that he’s so grounded. He just really wants to get better…Wow I’m watching this Portland game, another unbelievable goal, so don’t bag on MLS soccer,” Thompson said to more laughs.

“Honestly, soccer and golf, like I love taking a nap to both of these sports. Because you can casually watch, and casually tune in, you know?”

Here’s the money quote from Thompson in the interview. Lund questioned Thompson why other NBA players kept making a point to tweet that there’s only one basketball. Thompson had a classic response.

“There’s one ball, guess what we’ll do? We’ll put it in the hoop,” Thompson said.

Other interviews excerpts:

-Klay is working on his golf game this summer and shot a 40 on the front nine at Pelican Bay. “I’m coming after Steph.”

-The sting from losing the championship won’t go away until at least next season, Thompson said. “I don’t think it’ll be the last time we get there.”

-Thompson agreed with Tolbert that Steph Curry’s new kicks “look like nursing shoes.”

-Thompson has been gambling with Paul George on FIFA and winning a lot. “It’s better than going to the casino … I’ve been putting Paul pretty deep in the hole.”


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