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Durant: ‘I don’t give a damn about no damn Drake night’




Kevin Durant and Drake’s competitiveness seemed to exceed their friendship Wednesday in Toronto.

Random subplots like this are why we love the NBA. It has urban shades of the WWE.

The Raptors coined Wednesday ‘Drake Night’ in honor of the Canadian rapper. So he was in attendance doing what he does best: be the No. 1 fanboy for a basketball team in a city he likes to party in. To be fair, he is from Toronto.

Early in the game when the Raptors were in control, Drake decided to bust open his chops. Durant didn’t really play along.

What happened next was predictable. The four-time scoring champion brought out his crossover, started dunking in transition and wound up with 30 points when it was all said and done.

Durant was asked about ‘Drake Night’ on the ESPN broadcast of the game. His response?

“I don’t give a damn about no Drake night,” Durant said

He may have been partially kidding, but you can read between the lines of KD meant: I’m the real star on the basketball court, not Drake.

For good measure, Draymond Green decided to add on to the smack talking.