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Cosell on Kap: He’s not an NFL quarterback to build around




There is no better football segment on KNBR than the analysis Greg Cosell brings.

The NFL Films executive producer was back at it again Monday with Tolbert and Lund, breaking down what happened in a mortifying 23-17 loss to the New York Jets.

His conclusion? Colin Kaepernick is still a one-read quarterback whose hurting the 49ers more than he’s helping.

“There were about three or four plays in the second half with Kaepernick that are just so representative of why he’s just not really an NFL quarterback that you can look ahead and say he’s part of the solution as we look forward to next year,” Cosell said.

“There are specific plays where he just breaks down, or he throws the ball too hard, a little bit inaccurately. He’s ultimately not a touch-pace-precise ball location quarterback,” Cosell said. “The other thing that he starts doing, and I don’t know if it’s just the flow of the game that gets to him, but he starts breaking down in the pocket and moving when there’s absolutely no need to move. He breaks down plays — plays that are there.”

After a resurgence in November on the road in Arizona and Miami, Kaepernick has hit a wall. He went 2/11 for 4 yards in the second half against the Jets and the week prior was benched for Blaine Gabbert in snowy Chicago. His market in free agency could be drier than NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported a few weeks ago, or he could opt to stay in San Francisco for a seventh season.

While Chip Kelly was keen on blaming himself for the conservative play-calling after the loss, Cosell was quick to offer a counterpoint.

“I know that Chip Kelly is probably tearing his hair out a little bit,” Cosell said, “because he designed some pretty good plays.”

Listen to the full interview for Cosell breaking down specific throws Kaepernick missed.