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Twitter destroys Aubrey Huff for political comments




If Aubrey Huff is hoping to sell any copies of his upcoming book in San Francisco, he may want to shy away from tweeting about politics in the future.

Huff was blasted on social media after posting two now deleted tweets, praising President Donald Trump’s executive order banning travel from seven majority-Muslim countries, and the protests that followed last weekend. Here are the Tweets in question as screen-shotted by SFGate


Oddly, Huff’s comments were centered around weekend protests, when most people are off work. People wasted no time pointing this out, and reminded Huff of a certain weekday parade he was involved in in 2010.

Other responses mostly centered around Huff, who proudly claimed that he no longer works, not being all that good at his old job.

Some pointed out the irony that Huff was able to financially benefit from the actions Curt Flood, a former player who fought and organized protests for free agency in the late 1960s.

And finally, there was this.

Huff’s book, “Baseball Junkie: The Rise, Fall and Redemption of a World Series Champion,” is set to be released Wednesday.