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Young on Lynch: He’s capable of replanting roots of the 49ers dynasty




If you’re a 49ers fan who is anxious about the franchise choosing inexperienced John Lynch as its next GM, make sure you listen to this entire segment with Steve Young.

San Francisco’s Hall of Fame quarterback went into great detail about how the 49ers were able to build a dynasty — and the biggest factor was one word. People.

Specifically, Young said Lynch understands the roots of the 49ers’ original dynasty, which is why he’s encouraged by the hire. This is just one of several answers he gave on how Lynch understands football enlightenment.

“To me, John is a guy it feels like we’re getting back to that rootedness — and I’m happy about that,” Young said. “And Kyle, again, one generation away from Mike who definitely understands that and gets that rootedness as well. And so that’s why the fans probably don’t even realize this, but that’s why it’s been so hard. Especially for the people that were around in that time period because they talk about a magical time. But it wasn’t necessarily about the guys or the coaches. It was about what we were doing and how unique and enlightened it was. So it drew people in. The fans were involved. We were great communicators. Carmen Policy. Everyone was a great communicators. So all of that works together.

“So you’ve got to hope now, that despite it not being a direct relationship — but enough that you’ve got honorary members that understand (winning) in the league. That rootedness is still wherever it took root. And now, I feel like with this, we can replant it, and see that success.”

Of course, there is fear and hesitation with such a bold hire. Young says nobody’s prediction right now has any merit, because we just don’t know enough. Nobody knows how this thing is going to go.

But there are traits Lynch inherently possesses that leads Young to believe this is the best chance the 49ers have.

“John understands it. Intuitively. And so that’s why I say he’s an honorary Niner, he’s an honorary Bronco, because it kind’ve came out of a branch from it. It’s the way you look at the world, the way you look at football, the way you look at players, the way you look at offense and defense. The way you look at quarterbacks — I have confidence that Kyle will be very much about the quarterback.

“I think that John will find connections. He’ll figure out ways to make it work. Collaborate. And everyone will try and make everyone successful…I think this is the best chance we have.”