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Klay Thompson says he’ll play the rest of season in his late grandfather’s memory

This past weekend Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson traveled to Vancouver, Washington to attend the funeral of his mother’s father, who Thompson said he had a close relationship with.

“He was always around,” Thompson said at shootaround Wednesday morning. “When my father was gone for two years working in the Midwest he was always there for us.”

Earlier this year Thompson traveled to the Portland suburb to visit his ailing grandfather for one last time. The All-Star said he’ll be dedicating the rest of the season to his late grandfather, as well as other member of his family he’s lost.

“His memory, my dad’s father’s memory, everyone in my family I’ve lost…I always think about them when I’m playing. My Grandma T, my Aunt Pattie and Uncle Paul, everybody. They were adamant about watching me play. It made me happy how proud they were to watch me on TV.”

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