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Emotional Sergio Romo sends texts to KNBR: ‘I will truly be leaving my heart in San Francisco’



Sergio Romo was an incredibly-loved San Francisco Giant for 11 seasons after getting drafted by the team in 2005. So, it was a little bit jarring for fans to deal with the idea that their beloved middle reliever became a heated rival this February when he joined the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Wednesday, KNBR commentator and former San Francisco Giants second baseman Duane Kuiper came on KNBR’s Murph & Mac with strong words about Romo and his new squad, saying despite Romo’s obvious loyalty to the franchise, it’s going to be difficult to welcome him back to AT&T Park with open arms.

“I think he’s gonna do the stank eye look, I think he’s gonna do what he does, and it might actually pick up a little bit if he were to strike out Buster Posey with the bases loaded.”

Word clearly reached Sergio Romo, who felt so strongly about Kuip’s comments that he reached out directly to Paulie Mac via text message to respond. The 3-time World Series champ made clear his lengthy messages were meant for Mac to read on-air in order to reach as many members of the Giants’ family as possible.

“I heard Kuip’s interview and take on me going to the Dodgers. No lie i am not [Brian] Willson, nor did i leave with a sour taste in my mouth about anything, even though I am no longer needed there. I know what I was a part of and I left my heart out there whenever i got the ball no matter who it was against.”

“It wasn’t my choice not to be a giant again as I was straight up told I didn’t have a spot there anymore. So, I chose la for my family and not to piss off, in spite, nor to hurt anyone with the Giants. I have no vendetta and no ill-will towards any of my friends that I was made to leave behind in San Francisco. I will not do anything to show any of them up up as I respect and truly love everyone one of them for the way they accepted me and let me play on their team.

“Paulie, if you can convey this message for me to all your listeners that I am beyond appreciative of the experiences and blessings that I was given when I was being a giant I am now left with only trying to be the best Sergio Romo that I can be, but is no longer wanted on the Giants’ roster. It hurts though, that after 12 years of only knowing the orange and black, that I am forced to leave my home that has given me so much. I would like it if everyone would just stop talking trash about me and my life, I will truly be leaving my heart in San Francisco and that’s no lie. Appreciate you and Murph to the max. God bless you brother and that’s what’s up! 🙂 :)”

Romo, 33, was drafted by the Giants in the 28th round of the 2005 draft, and spent his entire career in San Francisco up until this February. The right-hander missed a healthy chunk of the season in 2016 recovering from elbow surgery, but ended up finishing with solid numbers, his 2.64 ERA his lowest since 2013.

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