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Sergio Romo describes weird differences being back at AT&T Park as a Dodger

SAN FRANCISCO – Sergio Romo is no stranger to AT&T Park, to its fans, or even the city of San Francisco. He spent nine seasons in orange and black. So when did it him that the Giants-Dodgers opening series of 2017 meant, for the first time, he wasn’t returning home, but rather into enemy territory?

“I’m used to landing from a flight, getting on a bus, driving to this stadium, getting in my car, driving to my place. This time there’s no car waiting, there’s no stadium waiting. This is straight to a hotel, it’s ‘oh here’s your name, there’s your key, there’s your room, see you tomorrow. I’m like uuuhhhh, ok, yeah, cool.'”

While Romo maintains confidence that he’ll receive a positive response from fans, he understands once the ball leaves his hands, the crowd at AT&T Park will be, for the firs time in his life, rooting for him to fail.

“I respected the rivalry as a fan before I got an opportunity to play for the Giants. I respected the rivalry as a Giant and here, coming in as a Dodger, I gotta go out there and for it.”

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