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Steven Seaweed joins Murph & Mac on air to talk retirement

Brian Murphy, Paul McCaffrey and Steven Seaweed share a mutual admiration that goes with working in the same building for 15 years. Murph and Mac have spent a long time in radio, but they’re not close to touching ‘The Weedman’s’ 44 years on the job.

As Seaweed steps away from his spot at 107.7 the Bone at the end of the week, Murph and Mac welcomed him on air Thursday morning and praised him for everything he’s done for them over the years, while sharing a few stories along the way.

Seaweed broke some news telling Murph that he was part of the reason he got hired at KNBR more than a decade ago.

“I personally am responsible for him getting hired at KNBR,” Seaweed said. “I told Bob Agnew, this guy was filling in and I told him this guy was awesome, you should put him on full time. I told that to Bob Agnew and look what happened here to Brian Murphy.”

Then Paulie Mac shared his thoughts on what Seaweed has meant to him over his career.

“Probably the biggest tribute I could pay to you right now is to seeing you at the audience at the Great American, listening to you on the radio being such a legendary guy and then getting to meet him, you get a chance to meet Steven Seaweed, he might be the nicest guy I’ve ever met in my life,” McCaffrey said.

“And Murph and I have said this so many time, when you meet famous people, celebrity people, people you admire, then you get disappointed, what a jerk that guy is, what’s that guys deal. Ego city, that guys on a ego-trip. Steven Seaweed, he’s the guy that shows you it doesn’t have to be that way. Steven, you’re the best at what you do, you’re the nicest guy I’ve ever met and thank you for showing all of us and leading by example that lave what you do and be cool to everyone else around you.”

All love between the Cumulus Media family here on Seaweed’s last week on the job. You can catch Weedman’s full segment with Murph and Mac below:


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