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Fitz and Brooks: Niners need more firepower, not just a good coach

Football season is here and the Niners are set to be much better this year, but how much better?

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan is giving fans hope for the 2017-2018  season but good play calling is only as good as the players who execute them.

“You’re more entertained when your team is winning,” Brooks said. “But with the Niners we know they have to get better before they can start to win.”

A seemingly obvious statement but not an overstated one. The Niners have spent a lot of money and draft picks fortifying their defenses in hopes to pull out more wins this season.

In 1979 Bill Walsh took over a 2-14 team but it took two years for them to become a winning team (13-16).

“When Bill Walsh took over a 2-14 team,” said Fitz. “His team went 2-14, see you have to have good players!”

Kyle Shanahan’s experience as an offensive coordinator should allow the team scheme versatility but this season will come down to the players on the field and how they perform.


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