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Murph and Mac: Week 1 loss makes fans realize ‘roster isn’t as deep as you thought’


This is the Disappointment Ratting Murph and Mac gave the San Francisco 49ers week 1 loss to the Carolina Panthers.

The 23 – 3 loss at Levi’s comes on the heels of Kyle Shanahan debut as the head coach. A game that many thought could set a winning tone for the new front office.

“I really did expect a lot more,” said Pauly Mac. “I expected fewer penalties, frankly more first downs, and more flow for the offense.”

Mac was unsatisfied with the clunkiness of the offense especially when pitted against a fortuitous Panthers defensive line who had 16 tackles, two sacks, and an interception.

“There was a seven month honeymoon we had with Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch,” said Brian Murphy. “They appeared to functional throughout the entire summer,  and then the game comes and you realize, ‘ oh wait the roster isn’t as deep as you thought'”.

Despite the disappointment from the guys Murph is hopeful for Shanahan’s future with the franchise.

“Patience is key” Said Mac.

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