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Losing season, losing 100 are ‘equally bad’ in the eyes of Bobby Evans

After losing their series against the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Giants are nine losses away from only their second 100-loss season in franchise history. Thanks in part to a 10-game losing streak and going 9-20 in September, the 1985 Giants–which included broadcasters Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper–stumbled their way to a 62-100 standing.

Despite the disappointments of this season, general manger Bobby Evans remains indifferent to the significance of losing 100 games and shared his thoughts with Tolbert and Lund on Thursday evening.

I think a losing season; we just can’t have that,” Evans said. “It’s all equally bad. Whether its 82 losses or 100 losses, it’s still the same message.”

With their struggles this season, the Giants are sending Evans into unfamiliar territory. Since taking over as general manager in 2015, the worst Evans experienced up until this point was when the Giants finished 84-78 in his first season.

Even for Brian Sabean, former general manager and current executive vice president of baseball operations, his toughest stretch consisted of four consecutive losing seasons from 2005-2008. Yet, the closest he came to losing 100 games came in 2007 when the Giants lost 91 games. In fact, four years earlier, Sabean led the Giants to 100-win season in 2003.

“We don’t want to lose 100 games, we really don’t like to lose more than 60 games, but we have to figure out how to get ourselves better,” Evans said.

Instead, Evans is focused on how to improve the Giants without dwindling too long on the present misfortunes. The Giants hope to see some rookies, such as Ty Blach and Kyle Crick, continue their success in their sophomore seasons. Others, including Christian Arroyo and Miguel Gomez, will need to work out of injuries to prove their worth to the Giants in 2018.

In either case, Evans believes these young studs will play a major factor in the future and the Giants are working tirelessly to pull their way out of this slump.

“Everyday is a building day. Whether today it’s an off day or the final day of the Winter Meetings, everyday is a busy day preparing for next year. Timing is not so critical to me where we are today as to by the time we get finished with this we feel good about it.”

To listen to the full interview, check out the podcast below and skip to 8:21 for Evans on 100 losses.


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