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Draymond Green on Kevin Durant Twitter fiasco: ‘I laughed in his face’

OAKLAND–Kevin Durant tweeted and apologized. He thought his Twitter fiasco was behind him.

But for him to truly push the incident into his past, he had to face teammate Draymond Green first.

”I laughed in his face,” Green said. “I got a good laugh out of it. It’s pretty funny to me.”

Earlier this week, Durant tweeted in the third person in response to a question about why he left Oklahoma City, which indicated that Durant has additional accounts, or “burner accounts” that he uses to defend himself on the platform. After deleting the tweet, Durant later said he regretted the decision to send it, and never denied the theory that he defends himself on Twitter through other accounts.

Green said he reached out to Durant after the situation unfolded, and said he remembered a time when he came under fire for social media posts he later regretted.

”At the end of the day, they maybe weren’t the right tweets, but he sent some tweets,” Green said. “I know Kevin is a smart guy, a remorseful guy, sometimes too remorseful.”

Green said that he could definitely tell that Durant was “salty” about the way things went down, but he said it’s important to remember that decisions athletes make on social media have real-life ramifications.

”We all do things in life where we’re just having fun, it’s fun for the time being and then it’s not so fun anymore,” Green said. 


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