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Krukow: Loud music ruins what should be great experience at Dodger Stadium



It’s been well documented that the in-game music at Dodger Stadium is really loud. According to a 2012 piece in the Los Angeles Times, the volume of in-game music and sound effects is one of the primary complaints from fans when asked about their stadium experience.

Count Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow among those annoyed by the loud music. Upon returning from covering the Giants-Dodgers weekend series in LA, Krukow said that the volume of the music ruined what would’ve been an otherwise excellent experience at the historic ballpark.

“Glad to be out of LA, it was a little loud down there,” Krukow told Murph & Mac. “I don’t know why they have to have such loud music there. It seems like it’s always the talk of the broadcast. We talk to our fans who are sitting in various parts of the ballpark because we want to know if it’s as loud in the bleachers or in the top level or in the box seats. We want to know if it’s as loud there and they all say the same thing: it’s too damn loud. It ruined a great experience, it’s a great ballpark. It always has been, it always will be but turn the music down seriously. It’s ridiculous.”

Krukow went on to praise the atmosphere at Dodger Stadium, especially the fact that they’ve made it a much safer place for visiting fans in recent years. He just wishes they’d turn the music down.

“It’s just too loud,” Krukow said. “They can improve the experience down there I think, and it is a good experience and things are very cool. Steve Ethier who is their Jorge Costa — he’s in charge of security at the ballpark — he’s just a great guy and they go to great pains to try and make it a wonderful experience for Giants fans given the history with Brian Stowe and the sensitivity to it. And it really is, I don’t fear for Giants fans down there anymore. Security is great. I mean it is a good place to go to to watch a ballgame and watch what I think what is one of the great rivalries of any sport. But just turn the music down.”

Listen to the full interview below. To hear Krukow’s thoughts on Dodger Stadium, start from the beginning.