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Murph & Mac disagree on how NFL players protesting Trump will affect viewership

In a weekend full to the brim with fantastic football games, the biggest storyline of Week 3 of the NFL season surrounded the widespread protest of President Donald Trump.

We caught up with Brian Murphy and Paul McCaffrey during a break in the morning show to ask them about these protests, and the two hosts were divided on how they think the protests will affect NFL viewership, if at all.

“Yes, they might lose some fans. I think some people are going to be turned off to the point where they simply won’t watch games,” Paulie Mac said. “But those same people might find themselves coming back in six, seven, eight weeks. It’s a long season. And there’s a lot of time between now and January when the playoffs start.”

Murph disagreed with his co-host, saying he thinks the protests will hurt the league going forward.

“From what we experienced last year in the country between Hillary and Trump, it was so pitched,” said Murph. “You’re almost getting that now in this NFL protest deal.

“Those people who are one side are going the other way. Unless they’re just kind of talking blustery, I’m seeing a lot on social media of people saying, ‘I’m done, the NFL isn’t for me.'”


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