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Assistant GM Larry Harris on Nick Young: ‘We don’t have a problem with him shooting the ball’

Behind the star power of Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors added Nick Young this offseason to deepen their roster. Assistant general manager Larry Harris joined Gary & Larry Friday afternoon and discussed how “Swaggy P” will fit in with the Warriors.

“I think, at least early in camp we had a little scrimmage at the end of practice yesterday and Nick was a part of the second unit,” Harris said. “Steve and the staff were encouraging him to shoot as many times as he could that were quality shots.”

The 32-year-old shooting guard debuted in 2007 with the Washington Wizards, for whom he played until he was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers in 2012. After one year with the Philadelphia 76ers, Young inked a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. Once that contract expired, he signed a one-year $5.6 million deal with the Warriors on July 8.

Over the course of his 10-year career, Young averaged 269 field goals per seasons, resulting in a .419 career field goal percentage. He made 200-plus three-pointers three seasons in a row from 2010-2013, including a career-high 282 three-pointers in 2011.

“We don’t have a problem with him shooting the ball and obviously you’ve seen him play, he doesn’t have a problem getting shots up,” Harris said.

Yet, it took some persuading for Young to aggressively shoot the ball in situations he chose to pass during training camp. Although passing is a part of the strategy that brought the Warriors immense success, shooting is another equally important component that Golden State will be looking for from Young.

“I think what he’s adjusted to and does so nicely thus far, he’s taking the shots that are given to him, but he also knows that we’re talking about passing in the passing pocket that if the shot’s not there it’s going to come back to you,” Harris said.

By the time training camp comes to an end, Harris is confident Young will fit in perfectly with his new role with the Warriors. Nonetheless, the team expects Swaggy P to be smart and take advantage of each opportunity he has to score, not just move the ball.

“When he’s on the floor after four or five days of practice that in the second unit when he comes on, we’re going to be looking for him to score,” Harris said. “Now that doesn’t mean Steve isn’t going to play maybe KD along side with him, but he’s certainly going to be that guy that we’re going to be expecting to see score baskets or generate some offense in that second unit.”

To listen to the full interview check out the podcast below, and skip to 5:42 for Harris on Young.


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