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Kerr tells Tolbert about passport mix-up

It was widely reported that a delay in passport processing kept Warriors head coach Steve Kerr from joining his team on their flight to China for their preseason series with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

On Friday’s edition of The Steve Kerr Show with Tolbert & Lund, Kerr discussed the particulars of the passport snafu and how it affected his trip to China.

“That was a weird deal. It wasn’t really anybody’s fault, it was just like my passport got lost somewhere in transit between…you know, basically, the Warriors shipped off all of the passports back east to get Chinese visas, and somehow mine got lost in the shuffle, and it was stuck in a FedEx bin in Memphis where nobody could find it, and I didn’t even get to fly over on the team plane, but it all worked out fine, and the trip was good, and good to be home now, and ready to roll next week.”

Despite the inconvenience, Kerr enjoyed his time in China.

“It was actually really fun though. I’m glad we did it,” Kerr said. “It’s not going to set us back at all, and it was really…actually a lot of fun.”

Tolbert offered his own solution to the matter.

“Stop winning championships. They’ll stop sending you to China.”

Listen to the interview below. To hear Kerr’s comments on the passport ordeal, skip to the 2:30 mark.



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