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Gary & Larry size up C.J. Beathard’s strengths and weaknesses



It’s been said that the most popular athlete in any given city is the backup quarterback. C.J. Beathard has held that title since the start of the NFL season, but he’ll shed it when he picks up his first start when the Dallas Cowboys come to town Week 7.

We caught up with Gary Radnich and Larry Krueger in the studio to get their thoughts on the rookie quarterback. Larry think’s Beathard’s college pedigree sets him up for success in the NFL.

“He won three quarters of his games in the Big Ten at Iowa, which is a loaded confidence,” Larry said. “This guy should have been starting from Week 1. It’s unfortunate that he wasn’t.

“I’m not saying he’s a world beater. Talking about a kid with 17 percent body fat who needs to get in better shape.. He’s going to make mistakes. He doesn’t have the greatest stature. Doesn’t throw the greatest ball. But he’s a winner. He’s smart. Football is important to him. He’s a film junkie. The process of football is something that he embraces. I expect them to win a few games with C.J. Beathard, and I expect him to compete for the starting job in training camp next summer.”

“Now we get to see him, at least for a few weeks,” Gary said. “He has a full week to think about what’s ahead. We’ll see if Beathard at his youthful age is ready to accept that pressure. We’ll find out against the Dallas Cowboys.”

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