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Eric Reid wants more from the league before the next meeting on inequality

Eric Reid seemed pleased that the NFL was willing to include former teammate Colin Kaepernick in the next meeting. However, he wants more from the league about concrete proposals for tackling issues of inequality.

“The meeting is not set in stone,” said Reid, who attended a meeting last Tuesday in New York between owners and players. “We need some more information from the league about what their plan is moving forward. The proposal they gave us was a shell and it was kind of vague.”

Reid and other players advocated that Kaepernick be involved in the next meeting. He also said that he would end his anthem protest once the league and players settle on a firm campaign to tackle the issue of systemic oppression which could include improved police training and greater opportunities for people of color.

“Like I said, our time is valuable so we are not going to go to New York to discuss hypotheticals,” Reid said. “They need to give us more information before we can confirm the meeting.”


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