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Steph Curry hooks up Boston high school team with Curry 4s

Thursday was quite the day for Steph Curry in Boston, and not just because the Warriors’ star had a game to play.

While Curry scored just nine points in Golden State’s 92-88 loss to the Boston Celtics, he finished the day with a memorable assist. On Thursday morning, Curry invited the Snowden International School’s Junior Varsity basketball team to Boston’s Under Armour flagship store, and wound up passing out pairs of the Curry 4s to each player on the team.

An article from Nice Kicks highlighted Curry’s generosity, explaining that while he offered up free pairs of his signature shoe, he also took the time to talk with players on the team and ask them about their season.

“He was in the front of the store with us just cooling,” ninth-grader Richie Cappelan told Nice Kicks. “He was real personable with us and signed something for everybody. He’s just a cool dude, he’s got a great personality.”

Nice Kicks reported that the Snowden International team initially asked Curry for a donation to help raise funds for an upcoming tournament and new uniform before Curry told the team to meet him at the Under Armour store.


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