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Jimmy Garoppolo talks about game-winning drive vs. Titans

SANTA CLARA – He hasn’t been with the team for long, but there’s a noticeable difference surrounding the San Francisco 49ers now that Jimmy Garoppolo is at the helm. And a lot of that has to do with how quickly he’s assumed his role as the leader of the team.

Garoppolo told reporters following the team’s win Sunday against the visiting Tennessee Titans that he doesn’t think a lot about his leadership style, it just comes naturally.

“With a guy like Jimmy, he asserted himself as a leader the first week that he was here,” said Tight End George Kittle. “He’s a guy that you want to follow. He puts himself up there. Jimmy breaks us down before we get on the field every single day. He’s one of the most fired up guys.”

Before every drive, Garoppolo takes a minute to talk to the offense and give a short message.

“I’m always talking on the sideline. That’s one thing that our offense does a really good job of. There’s a lot of talking to each other, communicating what we saw out there. It helps us in the next drive. There was a lot of confidence coming into that last drive. We moved the ball well all day. We just needed to get in field goal rance for Robbie (Gould), and he took care of the rest.”

So what was Garoppolo’s message heading into his final, game-winning drive against the Tennessee Titans? San Francisco’s newest golden boy says he can’t remember.

“One of those guys might remember. We had to execute. Two-minute drill comes down to execution at the end of the day. All the excitement going on and you just have to stay cool and execute.”

Whatever it was…it left an imprint on George Kittle.


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