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49ers center said Levi’s had ‘Candlestick feel’ on Sunday



Something could be heard loudly at Levi’s Stadium during the 49ers’ dramatic, last-second defeat of the Titans on Sunday. Cheers. Raucous cheers.

For those callus fans who believe that 49ers players don’t get a lift from their reaction, center Daniel Kilgore has something to say.

“I would say Levi’s today had a Candlestick feel to it for sure,” Kilgore said after the game. “The Faithful was loud. I was getting goose bumps. I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it now. It’s just great for our fans to be happy about a team that’s winning ball games. Levi’s is really taking off.”

Kilgore does his fair share of community service and he’s no stranger to social media. So he not only feels
his own pain when the team loses, believe it or not, he feels the fans’ pain too. Other players took notice of enlivened Levi’s, particularly when the Titans were on offense.

“It was a lot of fun,” said tackle Joe Staley of the crowd reaction. “The fans really showed out. We knew that they were going to. We are kind of building something here and I think the fans sense that excitement.”

Staley and Kilgore are among the few players who were with the team when the 49ers were still playing at dilapidated Candlestick Park. Levi’s couldn’t be more different with its luxury boxes, new amenities and of course, higher prices. But that doesn’t mean the place can’t rock and the 49ers players certainly felt the stadium do that during the team’s 25-23 win on Sunday.